About Us

Göze Agricultural Products based on Fettahoğlu Group of Companies which was founded in 1953, has started its activities in 20th century and maintains its force to the 21st century. With “From Nature to Plate” motto, Göze Agricultural Products provides healthy food by managing all processes effectively and safely from manufacturer to the consumer.


With being a family company, Göze Agricultural Products who has never compromised from its honesty, thinks that the biggest capital is a human being since it is established. So, Göze has brought trust and traditional trade that invests on human to the present.



By taking its place in the global economy, Göze Agricultural Products is one of the leading companies in pulses and rice industry. With its corporate structure and principles of trust, truth and rationality Göze keeps moving upwards in its industry.



As a proof of its achievements, in 2007 Göze Agricultural Products got in to “ISO Second 500 Biggest Industrial Corporation” list for the first time. In 2012, company put its name in to “ISO First 500 Biggest Industrial Corporation” list and since then its position is rising.