Göze Dilovası Facility

*In 1998, Göze Dilovası facility which is the first facility of Göze Agricultural Products, established in Kocaeli Dilovası Organize Sanayi district. The facility consists of 2.000 m2 open and 14.000 m2 closed area, 16.000 m2 in total.

*This facility which is paddy milling factory has been equipped with the Buhler Technology imported from Germany (including P/L SİS) and has 15 tons of milling capacity per hour. (Packing: 10-25-50 Kg bags).

*The best paddy grown in Trakya and Central Anatolia Regions is directly bought from local producers and 130.000 tons of it is milled in this facility. This means that not only %30 of the paddy produced in Turkey is milled in this facility but also %10 of rice needs of Turkey is covered by Göze Dilovası Facility.

*The production has been made without hand touch.

*This facility also contains legumes sieving and packing facility with the capacity of 300 tons 1-5 kg packing in a day.

* All products including byproducts, besides being an input to the economy of the country, they contribute also as a raw material or finished products to the poultry industry.

*30-50 employees are working in production and management department.